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High-Quality Residential Soffit Installation in New Orleans

Big Easy Roofers provides insulation solutions for soffit installations that can be finished in one process.  We provide comfort from properly installed durable high-quality soffits so that homeowners will have peace of mind with a well-protected eave underside.

Our soffit installation processes involve a total transformation of your soffit with the best quality soffit products and excellent workmanship.  You are safe in the knowledge that your soffit will look beautiful and function well for many, many years with minimum maintenance.

We take pride in the expertise of our professional roofers.  Our roofing company in New Orleans has successfully installed many residential soffits across the state.  We take care of our clients and their roof systems as much as we take care of our reputation.

Soffit Materials To Choose From

After our expert roof contractor assessed your roof and finds out that the soffit of your home needs replacement, he will present a list of soffit materials that you can choose from.

All the soffit materials that we use for home soffit installations in New Orleans were manufactured by reputable companies that adhere to the highest standards of the soffit manufacturing industry.

They are our partners in all our roofing projects like fascia repair, new roof installations, and a wide range of roofing services.  We install new soffits that match the overall design of your home in New Orleans.  Popular soffit materials we install include:

  • Wood Soffit

Wood is naturally susceptible to fire, moisture, mold, and insect infestation.  However, our roofing experts start wood soffit installation by finishing with sealants to increase its resistance to these elements that cause wood soffits to deteriorate.  We make sure to inspect your wood soffit, caulk, scrape, and paint them regularly with our wood soffit maintenance services.

  • Vinyl Soffit

Vinyl Soffit Installation in New OrleansWe install vinyl soffits in New Orleans for homes that prefer this soffit material because of its flexibility when it comes to design.  Vinyl can be prone to impact and sun damage but when top-quality vinyl soffit materials are used, and when they are properly installed and maintained by professional roofers, they can remain in good condition and will not need replacement.

  • Aluminum

We offer professional soffit installation for homeowners that choose aluminum soffits.  The average material costs for aluminum soffits can be relatively higher but aluminum can provide enhanced durability and versatility in soffit installation projects.  The best qualities that make aluminum a great choice for soffit installation include fire resistance, moisture control, long-term performance, and resistance to pests and bugs.

  • Fiber Cement

The most durable soffit material is fiber cement.  It requires very minimal maintenance making it highly regarded as a top soffit material.  The durability of fiber cement is attributed to the elements it is made of: sand, portland cement, silica, and cellulose fiber.  Fiber cement soffits are water-resistant, and insect-resistant and they never peel, chip, or rot.

  • Ventilating

We can install a ventilated cedar soffit for your home in New Orleans to improve and facilitate airflow under your eaves throughout your home.  Ventilating soffit materials are available in several colors and stains to match the color and design of your home.

Benefits of Soffit Installation Services For Your Home in New Orleans

Free Consultations

Professional soffit installations offer free consultations.  We provide excellent customer service to assist our clients in understanding the best design and soffit material for their soffit installation project in New Orleans.  Each consultation is tailored to the individual needs of the client.

Custom Styles

Soffit Installation in New OrleansSince we deal with soffit installations according to the needs of each client, we make sure that we are able to deliver the style of soffit installation our client desires. We offer a wide variety of soffit designs and styles that you can choose from. We guarantee that there will always be one that will match your home.  Otherwise, you can work with our specialist soffit designer to create a custom soffit design.

Durable Materials

We use only the best quality soffit materials that will provide your home’s exterior with the durability and aesthetics it needs.  Our soffit materials are sourced from the top-performing and renowned soffit manufacturers in the roofing industry.

Professional Installations

We are your New Orleans professional soffit installation providers who are focused on extending the durability of your home with proper soffit installation with prime quality soffit materials.  We don’t settle for less in our residential soffit installations

Residential Soffit Installation Costs

When you call us for an initial assessment of your residential soffit needs, we will provide you with a detailed quote for the soffit installation service you need.  You will be able to make a smart decision on the best type of soffit material to use for your home in New Orleans.  Here’s how much you will have to budget for the installation of each soffit material like wood, vinyl, and aluminum.  The average costs are:

  • Wood soffit installation cost: $1 – $3 per linear foot
  • Vinyl soffit installation cost: $5 – $8 per linear foot
  • Aluminum soffit installation cost – $8 – $20 per linear foot

Labor costs for soffit installation can range from $1 to $3 per linear foot.  It is largely determined by the complexity of your roofing system.

Soffit Replacement Costs

When the ventilation of your home and attic is impaired because of a damaged soffit, you will need to replace your soffit right away.  Other signs your soffit needs replacement include cracks and flaking paint, evidence of animals and insects, suspected asbestos, and leaking water.

The cost of soffit replacement is between 6 and $20 per linear foot.  The exact amount will primarily depend on the material your soffit is made of.

When Your Soffit Needs Repairs By the Professionals

One of the main signs that should let you call a professional roofer to replace the soffit of your home is when there is no ventilation making its way into your home.  This can indicate that your soffit is blocked or damaged.

Get Expert Quotes For Professional Soffit Installation Today

When you need a soffit installation service, we provide these hassle-free and straightforward services to make things easier for you. Contact us for a soffit expert’s quote for the services you need to make your offline durable and aesthetic.

What Our clients Say

Samira Stock

Just had my roof replaced by Big Easy Roofers, and I am more than pleased! Todd was so responsive and helpful and the whole experience went smoothly. The rain today didn’t interrupt them in any way at all, they got it done quickly with no issues whatsoever. I would recommend these guys to anyone looking for a good contractor who knows what they are doing.

Leslie Crowell

They are a very responsive and effective roofing company to work with. They made the whole process easy from start to finish, explaining everything clearly along way!

Evan Lemon

I can’t say enough good things about Big Easy Roofers. They went above and beyond to help me with my roof, always making sure that they provide the best possible service for their customers. I will definitely recommend them for any roofing work!

Diane Wallace

Big Easy Roofers is amazing! I had a major roofing issue where the mold was so bad, and it’s been difficult living with family until we got new roofs. The crew did an incredible job- they were very detailed in what needed to be done which made me feel comfortable about going back into my home leak free again after just one week. They live up to their word too!

Jason Pugh

I am so glad I found Big Easy Roofers! They were very affordable and quick. The work they did on my roof made it look brand new again in less than two weeks, which was fantastic considering how bad it looked before they started working. Highly recommend!

Billy Dunn

If you’re looking for a roofing company that does the job right, Big Easy Roofers is your go-to team. They have been wonderful and attentive from start to finish. The company is licensed, knowledgeable, and very attentive. For any roofing inquiries, I would recommend them.

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