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Residential Slate Roofing in New Orleans: High-Quality Roofing Installation Services

Slate Roofing Big Easy Roofers is your trusted roofing company who can install premium quality slate roofing for your home in New Orleans.

We have extensive experience in slate roof installation across the and have found innovative ways to do so.

Slate roofs have become very popular in the country because of their cost-effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.

Although they can be more expensive than other roofing materials, they have been proven to be more cost-effective in the long run because they can last well over 75 years with proper care and maintenance.

With a properly installed slate roof by our expert roofers, you need not worry about replacing your roofing system for two or three years during your lifetime.

Contact us today to know why slate roofing can be the best roofing solution for you.

What is a Slate Roof?

A slate roof is made of natural rock that is mined and cut to become a form of ‘shingle’.  a ‘shingle’ is a thin, tapered piece of material used as a roof or a wall covering.

The use of slate has a long history.  It has been used for hundreds of years and is still popular because it is one of the long-lasting roof materials in the roofing industry.

We are your professional roofing company in New Orleans that can install slate roofing for you to add value to your residential property.  Our expertise in the area of slate roof installation has left many of our clients satisfied and happy because we deliver only excellence in our workmanship and customer service.

Types of Slate Roofs

There is a wide variety of slate roofs according to size, quality, and thickness.  The common size of a large slate is 600 x 300 mm.

The quality and weight of a piece of slate are determined by its thickness:

  • Best:  4 mm thick
  • Medium strong:  5 mm
  • Heavy:  6 mm
  • Extra heavy: 9 mm

Our business is to make sure that you get the best quality slate roof that is properly installed so that you get the best benefits and make the most of your investment.

The types of slate roofs we install for homes in New Orleans include:

  • Patterned Slate Roofs:  We can install a slate roof for your home that has different colors or shapes but is installed with a specific design.  The design can be in courses, individual accents, or banding.  Our roofers can include floral and geometric patterns, dates, words, names, you name it!
  • Multicolored (Blended) Slate Roofs:  We have paired with the manufacturers of the best quality slate roof materials who manufacture slates in various colors.  You can choose up to four different colors that we can install on your residential roof.  There are unfading and semi-weathering colors that you can choose from.
  • Graduated Length Slate Roofs:  Our roofers are skilled in installing slates of varying lengths and widths on a residential roof.  If you choose this type of slate roof, we assure you a well-laid-out slate roof that will show no discernible break between the various lengths of slates.
  • Graduated Length / Graduated Thickness Slate Roofs:  We are specialists in installing slates of three, four, or more successive thicknesses for residential roofs that have graduated length.  We place slates with the largest and thickest slates at the eaves with the smallest and thinnest slates at the top of the slope.
  • Textural Slate Roofs:  If you want a more textured slate roof with a rougher-hewn appearance, we install slates that have rougher textures and thicknesses mixed throughout your roofing system.
  • Hang-down (Staggered Butt) Slate Roofs:  Another favorite variation for a residential slate roof is installing slates using random longer slates with heads laid to the same course line or higher to the slates beside them, creating a hang-down appearance.

What is the best slate for roofing a New Orleans Home?

There are a variety of slate types and designs that you can choose from for your New Orleans home.  The best slate for your roofing system will depend on the overall design of your home and the functionality that you are looking for.

We install slate roofing tiles in bespoke sizes, shapes, and thicknesses.  Call us today so you can talk to our slate roofing expert to determine the best color, size, shape, thickness, and design for your residential slate roof.

Our roofing contractor and designer will specify the slate roofing for color, durability, and high-quality standards best suited for your home in New Orleans.

How much does a real slate roof cost?

The key to the value of a slate roof is not really the cost of the material but its longevity.  On average, the cost to install a slate roof in New Orleans is $20,745 to $37,460 for a standard 3,000-square-foot residential roof.   Slate tiles can cost between $6.90 to $12.50 per square foot to install.

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How to install a slate roof on a house?

In our experience as specialist slate roof installers in New Orleans, we typically install slates as covering for roofs in a pitch of more than 20 degrees.  Each slate is laid to the same double lap principles as plain tiles.  However, we fix every piece of slate to the battens using head or center nailing.

The advantages of a slate roof to a homeowner in New Orleans

1. Slate Roofs are Durable:  Slate is strong and has low water absorption.  This means it can withstand freezing temperatures well.
2. Slate Roofs are Stunningly Attractive:  The natural beauty of slate roof tiles and their availability in different colors and shapes can create a distinct visual appeal for the roof of your home in New Orleans.
3. Slate Roofs Withstand the Elements:  Slate has very good weather resistance because of its natural elements that make it resistant to the deteriorating effects of extreme heat and cold and severe weather conditions.
4. Slate Roofs Are Eco-friendly:  Slate tiles are made of naturally-occurring material, which means that they do not go through heavy processing to manufacture.
5. Slate Roofing Boosts the Value of Your House:  The durability and aesthetic appeal of slate roofing will add great value to your residential property.
6. Longevity:  The slate material for roofing is one of the most long-lasting roof materials.  With proper care, your slate roof can last 100 years.
7. Low Maintenance:  A slate roof does not require other maintenance work except for checking broken or loose tiles and cleaning valleys and gutters.
8. Structural Stability:  The material that slate tiles are made of do not deteriorate even in harsh weather condition.  Hence, you are assured that your roof will remain structurally stable as long as it is installed properly.
9.  Completely Fire Resistant:  Slate is a natural stone and stone cannot be consumed by fire.  Slate roofs will resist high heat and temperatures, and fire.
10.  Energy-efficient:  Slate can prevent hot air from entering your attic and your home during summer can the dense slate material helps in preventing warm air from escaping your home during winter.  This benefit from a slate roof will help reduce energy bills.

We Also Offer Other Residential Roofing Services

Big Easy Roofers is your professional roofing company in New Orleans offering the following residential roofing services with excellent workmanship and customer service:

Why Choose Big Easy Roofers for Slate Roofing Services?

Our professional, licensed, and experienced roofers have been working with slate for many years.  We design and install slate roofs with innovation, expertise, and efficiency.

If you encounter issues with our slate roof installation for your home in New Orleans, call us and we can replace broken tiles quickly and efficiently.

Our goal is to maintain the integrity of your residential roof so you get more than the value of your investment.  Call us today for a free estimate.

What Our clients Say

Samira Stock

Just had my roof replaced by Big Easy Roofers, and I am more than pleased! Todd was so responsive and helpful and the whole experience went smoothly. The rain today didn’t interrupt them in any way at all, they got it done quickly with no issues whatsoever. I would recommend these guys to anyone looking for a good contractor who knows what they are doing.

Leslie Crowell

They are a very responsive and effective roofing company to work with. They made the whole process easy from start to finish, explaining everything clearly along way!

Evan Lemon

I can’t say enough good things about Big Easy Roofers. They went above and beyond to help me with my roof, always making sure that they provide the best possible service for their customers. I will definitely recommend them for any roofing work!

Diane Wallace

Big Easy Roofers is amazing! I had a major roofing issue where the mold was so bad, and it’s been difficult living with family until we got new roofs. The crew did an incredible job- they were very detailed in what needed to be done which made me feel comfortable about going back into my home leak free again after just one week. They live up to their word too!

Jason Pugh

I am so glad I found Big Easy Roofers! They were very affordable and quick. The work they did on my roof made it look brand new again in less than two weeks, which was fantastic considering how bad it looked before they started working. Highly recommend!

Billy Dunn

If you’re looking for a roofing company that does the job right, Big Easy Roofers is your go-to team. They have been wonderful and attentive from start to finish. The company is licensed, knowledgeable, and very attentive. For any roofing inquiries, I would recommend them.

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